Adoption Process

Adoption Application: Anyone interested in a SGAR animal, must complete, sign and date our adoption application and submit it to a SGAR representative for review. Adoption Application

Vet Reference Check: A SGAR representative will contact your vet to verify any animals (current or within the past 5-10 years) you have owned have been kept up-to-date on shots, on heartworm preventative (for dogs), and overall been properly taken care of.

Home Inspection: A home inspection may be required, but is DEFINITELY performed for any bully breed (Pit bull, Rottweiler, German shepherd, etc.).

Adoption Fee: A $100 adoption fee is required for all animals. For all animals that are over six months old, they will have all required vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered. For all puppies under six months old, each animal will have had the vaccines allowed by that age and will come with a spay / neuter certificate. (Note: SGAR is not responsible for any pain meds that may be administered at the time of the spay / neuter procedure).

Trial Period:  We will always include a two week trial period to allow time for the animal and adoptive family to adjust to each other. The adoption fee will not be deposited until the two week trial period has concluded and we have received word that the animal is doing fine and is going to be there long term.

Adoption Agreement: An adoption agreement is required to be signed and dated by all adopters to ensure they understand the responsibilities of caring for the animal they are adopting. Adoption Agreement

**Please understand SGAR has this adoption policy in place for the health and well-being of the animals and people involved. We want to be able to place as many animals into homes as possible but will only place if we believe the animal is going to be properly cared for and kept out of harm’s way. If an applicant falsifies information or purposefully chooses not to disclose pertinent information, the possible adoption may be terminated at our discretion.**